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Beschreibung für Kullors 2

New version of Kullors with improved game play and new characters. Kullors is a simple concept. Just pair up matching "Kullors" to clear the level. Ahh.. but what if we don't have any matching pairs ? Try mixing 2 different Kullors and see what happens. Make note of the mouse pointer as you hover over different Kullors. In Kullors RED BLUE or GREEN can be mixed to produce CYAN YELLOW or MAGENTA and visa versa Click Next to continue.

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Kullors 2

Kullors 2

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Kommentare zu Kullors 2

  • #1 Darkmaus18 am 14.11.2009 18:58
    nicht schlecht
  • #2 sasi am 15.06.2009 17:45
    irgendwie versteh ich den sinn net
  • #3 am 07.06.2009 14:30
    voll die scheiße
  • #4 am 03.06.2009 07:45
    total süss und echt lustelig xD
  • #5 Fienchen am 01.04.2009 09:20
    supi lustig :D Fienchen
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